"Warning: in the same way that Streetfood Tycoon was very addicting, Elevator Joe brings about the same level of addiction hidden inside this otherwise casual and innocent looking game." - abuggedlife.com


Elevator Joe is available on iOS and Android, and is coming soon on the Amazon Store and Windows Phone. Click the links below to download the game!




"The super fun app of the week." - Corona Labs

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Take on the role of Elevator Joe and help the Chibizens get to their destination floors as soon as possible! Happy Chibizens tip you with Chibiyens, which you can use to customize your tower by adding floors and stores to suit your fancy.

Elevator Joe was developed by Filipino game developers Erick Garayblas (creator of Streetfood Tycoon) and Ryan Sumo (artist of Spacechem and Prison Architect).

"Although Elevator Joe sits in the same genre as Diner Dash and Grave Mania, it presented itself uniquely enough to keep me playing..." - gamesinasia.com